The Complete Guide To Choosing Sports Equipment At Home – If you like to exercise and have sports equipment at home it will be a health investment for yourself. With your own fitness equipment at home, you will be able or able to exercise more freely and of course be more flexible in terms of time.

Try to imagine the level of congestion when you are outside or are in other big cities. How much time do you have to spend just driving to the location to do fitness activities such as fitness? Not to mention that later you need time to find a parking space, change clothes at the locker and many other things that can waste your time outside.

If calculated carefully, the time needed has taken almost 2 hours or even more. But you have to multiply the result by two because it takes time to get home too. Therefore, if you have sports equipment at home it can save a lot of time. Because time is a very valuable thing, right?

With other reasons in terms of the inconvenience factor of training in a commercial gym. Maybe there are many of you who have uncomfortable behavior or judgments that are slightly different from what people do. If you think about it, there will be many other reasons that can make you choose a home gym instead of an outside gym.

Choosing The Right Sports Equipment At Home (Home Gym)

Before buying these tools, it’s a good idea to learn or know first what is suitable for your needs. Usually shops often get customers to help resell the fitness equipment they bought at other stores, this happens because they don’t buy equipment that fits their needs so that they never use them.

If compared to the food menu, generally the food menu is divided into main courses, side dishes, appetizers and desserts. It is the same with the home gym, the budget that you use in choosing this tool or this fitness exercise at home, especially for playing courses and side dishes. After that, if there is still budget, then switch to the appetizer and dessert choices.

The Main Course must cover at least 90% of our practice. So, first of all we have to know in advance what is the style of exercise that will be frequently trained.

Explanation Of Home Gym Tools

  • Main Course

Whatever your goal of training, you should prioritize compound exercises. All fitness experts agree that compound exercise is the most important exercise to achieve your goals. Sports equipment that is your first choice is a tool that is intended for compound exercise.

It is not wise if the tool you choose is like a Cable Pulley, a sit up tool, or a cardio tool. To accommodate this compound exercise, the most appropriate tools for you to choose are the Squat Stand, Power Rack, or All in One Machine.

  • Side Dish

Side Dish is a complementary food for the Main Course. Even so, its role is no less important than the Main Course. You have bought the main sports equipment, but you need other supporting equipment.

What equipment falls into this category? Of course, load plates, Adjustable, or Flat Bench, Dumbell Set, and Olympic Barbell.

  • Dessert

Okay! You already have a nice Power Rack, a set of barbells and plates, and an adjustable bench. This equipment can cover 90% of your training. However, if you still have a budget and want to increase the capacity of your home gym, what should you buy?

First, you must know what exercises you like, but cannot be done with existing equipment. Each person’s needs are of course different. There are those who like to do tricep push downs, some like pulldowns, some like cable fly, or some even have enough squats, benches, and deadlifts.

Why does it say dessert? Because usually you will do this type of exercise with this dessert equipment after you do the main exercise on the main course. The choice is a cable pulley for those of you who like cable training, a treadmill for those of you who like Cardio, GHR or Sit Up Bench for those of you who like low back after your main workout.

As a recommendation from us, FORCE USA Glute Ham Raise, is a suitable and very effective tool for training abs, core hamstring, glutes, and low back.

  • Appetizer

Now, your home fitness equipment can cover 99% of your workouts. However, if you still feel something is missing, you need something that can be used for warm-ups, or a tool for bodyweight exercises before you get to the core compound exercises.

Some examples of equipment that fall into this category are resistance bands, foam rollers, yoga mats, and more.

Preparing The Room For Your Home Gym

The next thing that is an important thing that you have to pay attention to is a place to store your home gym equipment so that it doesn’t make your house look perfect, it even makes your house space narrow so there is no room for people to sit or relax.

The room is one of the things that is very important for us to protect, because the area of ​​the room greatly affects the fitness results you do. If you have enough space, it will be comfortable for your sports time, then this can bring very positive results.

Recommended Home Gym Equipment

For those of you who like the Isolation Exercise like a cable pulley but want to save space at home, we highly recommend the All in One Machine, which is a combination of a Power Rack, Smith Machine, and Two Adjustable Pulleys. So you no longer need to buy these tools separately. Of course, the price is half of the total equipment.

By only buying the All in One Machine, you only need to buy additional Side Dish such as barbells, plates and adjustable bench like the Force USA Monster G12 Package illustration above:

In terms of value, the All in One Machine is very sufficient to complement your home gym.

For those of you who really like or have a hobby in maintaining your body, the gym is one of the best choices compared to other types of sports.

So don’t miss other information so that you can do the gym that you enjoy doing at home so it is very effective in terms of time and can be done at any time without feeling lazy. Hopefully the little information above can help all of you to meet these needs.

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